Strategy Driven Solutions is dedicated to helping you grow all aspects of your business and advancing your success exponentially with proven business and marketing strategies.  We have integrated some of the best elements of several well-known business / marketing strategies, including experts such as: Anthony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber, Jim Rohn, Mike Koenigs, Frank Kern, and others. 

We believe strongly in ethical business practices, and we welcome any company that wants to build their business, increase profits, and add to both their personal and professional growth.  Working with passionate people and organizations is the true fuel behind our company as a whole.  If passion is currently lacking within you, and your company, then maybe it’s time to bring out that little kid in you once again, and get excited about your business.

We have developed comprehensive systems for getting results from your marketing efforts, and designed to help you produce more, and grow your business regardless of the existing economic conditions.  The truth is, there are certain patterns that cause people to succeed in business and in life.  When you learn how to apply the strategies and principles that have worked for others, you set yourself up to follow in their footsteps.  We have taken lessons from the best of the best in every form of online, offline, and inline business and marketing strategies, and chunked it all down into bite-size pieces that you can implement in your business with measurable results.

We understand, and have identified, the patterns that limit and restrict business growth.  Strategy Driven Solutions is among very few companies that realize most industries only know and use a single marketing approach, even though there may be dozens of more effective and profitable strategies and options available.  We show our clients how to take different success concepts from other industries and adapt them to their specific business. This gives our clients a powerful advantage over their competition.

Wouldn’t you like your prospective customers to choose you
before they choose your competition?


Travis HlavkaTravis Hlavka (Founder / Co-Owner)

Travis Hlavka has always been fascinated with marketing strategy and that passion has grown into a career as a business growth consultant.

He is the founder of Strategy Driven Solutions, a strategic marketing and business growth agency that focuses on systematizing every part of business to improve efficiency and profitability.

In March 2013 Travis was invited to join the exclusive team of international business and marketing consultants, “The Power Marketing Consultants Network”.

Travis is co-author of “Cross Channel Marketing Machines: What Marketing Strategies Are You Using to Grow Your Business? .

He started Strategy Driven Solutions, LLC to provide the most transformational marketing systems available to businesses, so owners can work on their business instead of in their business. (A little cliche but true.)

Ok, now that we have that “official” stuff out of the way, here’s a lil personal info about me…

If you’re still awake after reading the “official” stuff above.  I am currently a competitive powerlifter and RAW world champion. I was a professional rodeo cowboy and have a background in martial arts. I enjoy teaching, studying foreign languages, snow skiing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, competitive shooting, and almost anything else competitive.

Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/travishlavka


Zachary MeiuZachary Meiu (Co-Owner)

Zachary has created what some might describe as a dream life both personally and professionally. Growing up in Colorado he has always had a passion for adventure and freedom of expression.

As a husband to his beautiful wife and father to their 3 amazing boys, he pushes himself to always excel and do whatever it takes in all aspects of life, so that this is the example set for his children through the actions he takes on a daily basis.

Professionally his entrepreneurial spirit continues to open up many new doors of opportunity for the community, companies he works with, and himself. He has been able to implement what he has learned in the business world from both his successes and failures.

Zachary was also invited to join the exclusive team of international business and marketing consultants, “The Power Marketing Consultants Network”.

However, he believes there are no such things as failures just opportunities to learn, teach others, and pay it forward, so other people / companies can avoid the “failures” and reach success at a more rapid pace through modeling.

Zachary believes that our lives are truly measured by personal levels of gratitude we exude and how many other people we positively impact, serve and build relationships with while we are here.

Some of his other passions besides business, family, and friends include: Music, concerts, health, exercise, sports (or anything competitive), reading, movies, communicating, and dreaming of possibilities that others feel can’t be accomplished.