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Fort Collins Search Engine Optimization from Strategy Driven Solutions consultants is the only online marketing strategy in Fort Collins that resolves three major problems all businesses have with search engine optimization.  Click on this link to read the article about the primary problems with SEO: 3 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t Good Enough Anymore.

If you are a local, service-based business, then it is critical for you to optimize your Google Places (Google Local) page, and not just your website (which is covered in the article above). Also, it’s critical that you have the proper content prepared on your website to guarantee new visitors choose to do business with you and not your competitors.

Fort Collins SEOFort Collins SEO – It’s Not Just About SEO

The total population in the Fort Collins area is 146,762. This is a huge market base for any business in the area, and most of those 146,762 people are going to use the internet to search for the goods and services they need in the Fort Collins area. Is your website standing out from your competition?  How do you make it stand out?  What are you doing to ensure your website not only stands out, but also grabs the visitor’s attention and makes them pick your business? In Fort Collins, SEO is just as important as it is in any other city, but it’s not all about SEO.  Your website optimization needs the marketing component attached.  (SEM)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization), involves strategically placing keywords within your content so it appears in search results when those specific terms (keywords) are searched. In the early years of SEO, there were few restrictions on this. Stuffing keywords, or placing keywords all over the page where they didn’t even make sense was commonplace.  Some search results returned websites that didn’t even contain results actually related to what you were looking for. In the online world, as well as in Fort Collins, SEO strategies have changed.

Google and other search engines have changed the way the game of SEO is played. Now everywhere, including Fort Collins, SEO is more than just stuffing keyword phrases as much as possible. Even most article directories now will not accept articles that do not make sense and do not contain useful information. This means that you must incorporated keywords into your content so they blend well and contain useful information.

There are a handful of options for obtaining this type of content. You could write it yourself, but unless you are an excellent writer, this is not the best idea. Content is king and you need it to convince the customer that what you have is what they want. Think about the last time you found a poorly written article or website… How long did you continue reading?  Did you become a customer or consider them an authority on the subject? You were not impressed right? Neither is anyone else.

There are also content mills that will write content on whatever subject you wish and however you wish for a fee. There are a couple of problems with this however. These writers often write content for hundreds of different sites using as many or more keywords per week. This can make it hard for them to make your content truly unique to your site. They also can be from anywhere in the world, which would make it hard for them to specifically utilize Fort Collins SEO in order to tailor your site to attract business from the Fort Collins area.

When you secure our Fort Collins SEO services, these problems disappear. Our team will work with you personally to ensure your website uses keywords properly, and in a way that puts you at the top of search results, and offers real, valuable information to your ideal customers. SEO will get them to your website, but the content is what actually makes them believe they need what you offer.

Another advantage of using us for your Fort Collins SEO needs is that we can offer the total package by incorporating all your SEO needs into every marketing aspects of the company. We do it well, and we can do it for you.