Strategic Video Marketing

Why should you use video?  Because internet users want video.  It’s quick and easy and can be viewed easily anywhere.  People will take time to watch a short video over reading a great article.  For example:  If you put a video together and then transcribed the video content directly below the video, almost everyone will only watch the video (especially if they are on a mobile device).

So, are you implementing a video marketing strategy in your business?  If not, why?  Maybe you’re currently implementing an SEO strategy.  That’s great, but be sure to read my post titled “Your Business May Be Fighting a Losing Battle with SEO“.

If you are implementing video marketing, do you have a strategy?  Marketing is marketing and it’s just as important, if not more, for videos.   

Many business owners, are intimidated by video because they believe they need to be on camera, or they think you must hire an expensive production company to get high quality videos.

Overall, it usually comes down to business owners wondering… What do I do? Where will I find the time? How do I do it? What is the best video strategy to use? Etc, etc, etc…


At Strategy Driven Solutions, we help you answer all those questions about
video, and put a Power Video Marketing strategy in place
for you based on your business strategy.


Click here to see sample marketing videos & imagine having this type of video for your business! (Opens in new window)


Our consultants will analyze your market and determine the best approach for your video marketing efforts.

Depending on your industry, it may be better to have you on camera (or someone from your business), BUT… that is not always necessary.  It is possible to create nice videos that convey your sincerity through still pictures.  Granted, they are not as powerful, but they still work.

Video marketing has been growing in popularity for years now and creates an unique opportunity for conveying your message.  Unique because the strategy you pursue should depend on the type of businesss you’re in and the demographic you’re targeting.

However, proper video marketing is not just about shooting/creating a video and putting it on your website or YouTube and then getting it ranked on page one of Google. 

Strategy Driven Solutions consultants will ensure that all your videos incorporate our proven Power Video Marketing System.  


Your new video marketing system will include such things as:

  • Proper scripting of content to convey your message and elicit an emotional response from prospective customers by focusing on their “Hot Buttons”.
  • Creation of powerful call to action messages within each video instructing viewers to take action now.  A great script is nothing if you do not tell the prospective customer what the next step should be.
  • Video creation with a professional voice over when live videos are not possible or unnecessary.  
  • Full syndication of all videos to all the top video sharing sites on the internet to increase exposure for your business and for search engines.

The Power Video Marketing System is very powerful on it’s own, but when we create videos for keywords that are tied to relevant keyword optimized pages on your website, it’s like a one-two SEO punch (and that doesn’t even include other social media outlets like facebook, Twitter, etc…).  Relevant meaning….  You wouldn’t want to put a video out about your trip to Mexico and link back to your website (unless you’re in the travel business to Mexico).

Another benefit of video is reputation management and branding.  Do you want “your” content to show up when someone Google’s your business name, or do you want random content with your business name displayed?  That random content could contain negative reviews, and it only takes one negative review for a potential customer to decide on your competition.


Let Strategy Driven Solutions help you increase your visibility and customer base now via the Power Video Marketing System.

Remember however… Our systems are so powerful that we only work with one company per industry. Will it be your business or your competitors?