Are You Aware of These 3 Critical Web Design Flaws?

Perhaps you feel a bit confused about what to look for when finding a web design company, especially since there are so many of them, and the price range is so broad—from FREE to tens of thousands of dollars. So, we’d like to help you out by revealing to you the 3 most critical web design flaws that plague most modern websites so you know exactly what to look for.  …Continue Reading


5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want a Custom Designed Website

Been wondering whether or not you should get a brand new website?  The following “5 reasons” will save you a lot of time, money, effort, and frustration.  …Continue Reading


3 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

If you’re reading this article then you are probably already aware of the value of having your website show up on the first page of a search for the product or service that you offer. In order to show up on top, you need to have Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) done on your website.

There are literally hundreds of web companies offering SEO services, but very few know how to make SEO work for local businesses. In fact, traditional SEO services like virtually all SEO companies are offering are…  …Continue Reading


2 Common Marketing Mistakes

If you’ve done any advertising or marketing for your business ever, at all, I can virtually guarantee that you’ve been making at least 1 of the following 2 common marketing mistakes. And, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing business for 5, 10, 20, 30 years or more, and have been getting what most people would consider pretty good results—I’m here to tell you that these 2 mistakes have cost you a lot of money in lost opportunity and…  …Continue Reading


3 Forbidden Phrases in Marketing

There are certain phrases that, if used in your advertising, will guarantee that your advertising results will be terrible and yes—I do guarantee that you are using them in your ads right now. But before I tell you what they are, I want you to get the phone book right now and open the phone book up to your ad. If you don’t have an ad in the phone book, then get your brochure, your newspaper ad, your…  …Continue Reading


Will the Internet Destroy the Yellow Pages?

If you own a local business (meaning that your business primarily services a local market), then you probably already advertise in your local phone book (or at least you’ve been approached by your local Yellow Pages company to advertise with them). The question at the forefront of many business owner’s minds today is this, “Should I keep advertising in the phone book even though many of my customers don’t use it any more?”  …Continue Reading