Your Business May Be Fighting a Losing Battle with SEO

Are you doing SEO for your “pretty” website?  If so, you must read this now!

“Pretty” websites are completely worthless 99.7% of the time.  Why?  Because the “visitor” is doing just that… Visiting.  People have a very short attention span that’s getting smaller every day.  If you don’t catch their attention within the first 7 seconds, you’ve probably lost them.  They’ll go back to Google and click on the next result from their search.   …Continue Reading

Warning: Choose Your Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing Company Carefully (part 2)

Great Sales People
WHAT?  Great sales people?  Ok, what I mean is… Watch out for great sales people!  Selling is definitely important and a necessary evil, but if a Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing Company is selling selling selling you, then you may want to be leery. 

We have current clients that have dealt with these slick salespeople at large marketing company’s and had no results.  (Sorry, they had one result:  Decreased profits).  …Continue Reading

Warning: Choose Your Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing Company Carefully (part 1)

One of the biggest issues I see facing companies today is how to choose a Fort Collins SEO / online marketing company.  As a business owner, you don’t always have time to verify everything a prospective SEO/SEM marketing company is telling you, and many times they are very good at reciting a bunch of fancy mumbo jumbo that sounds like they know what they’re talking about.
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Stop Pimping Out Your Business

Your Market Needs What You’re Offering.  If you didn’t think that were true, you wouldn’t be in business, right?  Plus, if they didn’t need it, you’d be out of business.  Isn’t that why you started your business?  You saw a need, and saw a way to fill it.

But who are you really filling it for?  Do you know who your market “really” is?  Really?? …Continue Reading

Do You Have Too Many Moving Parts in Your Business?

Do you know all the moving parts of your business?  Really?  And if you know them all, are they all actually moving, or just spinning away chewing up your profit margins?

A business is like a vehicle.  You can spend as much as you want, and accessorize it as much as you want, but the ultimate purpose is to get you to your destination period. …Continue Reading

Webinar Marketing Offline

Marketing online products via webinar has been going on forever.  The new trend coming is marketing brick and mortar businesses via webinar. An offline product or service can be marketed (and sometimes even sold) via webinars too.

Webinars are much more personal than any other kind of advertising you can do in print, etc.  With the exception of face to face.
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Education Based Marketing (Fort Collins SEO & Online Marketing)

Recently I’ve been doing some speaking about Fort Collins SEO and online marketing to business groups based on educational marketing.  What is education based marketing?  It’s exactly what it sounds like…. You are marketing via educating your prospective clients.

Just for clarification however…
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