Education Based Marketing (Fort Collins SEO & Online Marketing)


Recently I’ve been doing some speaking about Fort Collins SEO and online marketing to business groups based on educational marketing.  What is education based marketing?  It’s exactly what it sounds like…. You are marketing via educating your prospective clients.

Just for clarification however…
You are not educating the about how awesome you or your company or your service is.  You’re educating them about something specific that they can “use” in their own business.  Now, obviously, this should be something your company is very familiar with and even provides the services.

What this does is teach people to know the importance of the topic.  The more you educate them on how important the “topic” is, the more they will realize it.  If you spent the whole time saying “My company provides these services and can do amazing things and leap small children in a single bound and….”. Well, really, nobody cares.

It comes down to… Why should I care what you have to say if everything you have to say is about how great you are at doing what you do?  Do the leaping of the small children outside your presentation.  Provide great content and actually teach people and they will truly understand what you do and how you do it.

This is another reason why it’s important to choose your Fort Collins SEO and online marketing company wisely.  As a top Fort Collins SEO and online marketing company, we take pride in educating our clients.

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