Stop Pimping Out Your Business


Your Market Needs What You’re Offering.  If you didn’t think that were true, you wouldn’t be in business, right?  Plus, if they didn’t need it, you’d be out of business.  Isn’t that why you started your business?  You saw a need, and saw a way to fill it.

But who are you really filling it for?  Do you know who your market “really” is?  Really??

  1. What is their age range?
  2. Is it mostly men or women?
  3. Are they single/married?
  4. What’s their annual income?
  5. Do they have kids, pets, etc?

And this doesn’t even get into what they “want”.  (Which I will write about next time)

When we ask new clients who there target market is, invariably the response (92.7% of the time) is, “Everyone, because EVERYONE can use my service/product and EVERYONE needs it.”

Ok… Well then… How about, Who is your ideal client/customer?  Again, UGH, the typical response is, “Anyone who will give me money for my product/service.”

So, basically you are in competition with the guy on one street corner playing guitar and the prostitute on the opposite street corner.  I mean, really, that’s their market right?  Anyone who will give them money for what they offer.

Not very appealing is it?  It’s like pimping your product/service to whoever comes along with a wallet.  Sure you’ll make money, but for how long?

Basically it comes down to this:  What demographic could benefit most from what you have to offer?  Or would be “most likely” to buy AND actually benefit from what you’re offering?

Once you figure out the who, you can focus on the what?  (Who is your market and What is their problem.)

It always comes around to…. Your Market Needs What You’re Offering, so give it to YOUR market.  Not A market.  AND, it really doesn’t matter if you’re marketing online or marketing offline or both.  SEM, SEO, Mobile Marketing, or any other type of business marketing still will not help in the long run if your role in your business is “head pimp”.