Warning: Choose Your Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing Company Carefully (part 1)


One of the biggest issues I see facing companies today is how to choose a Fort Collins SEO / online marketing company.  As a business owner, you don’t always have time to verify everything a prospective SEO/SEM marketing company is telling you, and many times they are very good at reciting a bunch of fancy mumbo jumbo that sounds like they know what they’re talking about.
Well, I can read a book on just about any topic and then make you believe I’m capable and competent enough to implement it.  Everyone is “capable”, but not everyone is competent.

Here are a few guidelines to think about before hiring an Fort Collins SEO / online marketing, or offline marketing, or any kind of marketing company.

Get information on your keywords from the marketing company.  Some company’s will guarantee you a #1 Google listing, but the keyword they get you ranked #1 for just plain sucks.  Basically they will get you ranked for a keyword that nobody is searching for anywhere.

So you can be #1, but who cares if nobody is looking for that keyword.  It’s kinda like training for a sporting event where you are the only competitor and there are no spectators.  You always win, but nobody cares because there’s no competition and nobody’s watching.

Do you know someone who has used the company’s services?  What do they have to say? 
You should always ask for a list of current/past clients that are willing to be contacted about working with the company you are thinking about using.  Then actually contact them with a list of questions about their experience/results.

If the so called “Fort Collins SEO / online marketing” company says they cannot give out information on their clients, then they are probably lying!  Our clients are our biggest cheerleaders.  We have specifically asked clients if they mind being contacted by prospective clients that would like to hear about their experience/results.  However, sometimes, it is true not all clients will want to be contacted.

So either they have no happy clients or they have had “no” clients.  If they’ve had no clients and are just starting, then they should be upfront with you about that.

Track Record
As I stated above, check the Fort Collins SEO / online marketing company’s track record.  Not what they say on their website or what they claim over the phone.  Physically contact previous clients via phone, email, etc.

This will help when you’re trying to identify if a so called marketing company can actually help you or not.

What if they have no track record because they are new?  Well, then it’s a judgment call for you.  HOWEVER, think about this…. If they are just starting and have no track record, don’t you think they would work 100x harder to do a great job for your company?  I know when I first started, I even did some work for free to prove I could get results and that I was committed to improving the clients bottom line.

Stay tuned for part 2 of finding a great Fort Collins SEO / online marketing company….

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