Warning: Choose Your Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing Company Carefully (part 2)


Great Sales People
WHAT?  Great sales people?  Ok, what I mean is… Watch out for great sales people!  Selling is definitely important and a necessary evil, but if a Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing Company is selling selling selling you, then you may want to be leery. 

We have current clients that have dealt with these slick salespeople at large marketing company’s and had no results.  (Sorry, they had one result:  Decreased profits). 

So one day we called these company’s to see what they offered.  Honestly, they were so good on the phone that by the time we finished we thought… WOW, these guys sound amazing and I’m sure they do great work!  However, we know from direct experience with their previous clients that, NO, they do not do great work.

However….I am sure this is not the case for all marketing companies with great sales people.  (Plus I am sure most Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing Company’s are do not operate this way).

Pre-made Marketing Packages
If a Fort Collins SEO / Online Marketing company has a “package” for you, then either one of two things is happening:  They are lumping you into a program that will have irrelevant marketing strategies, OR, it’s “packaged” because it’s a standard option that everyone requires.  Like Google Places.  You are limited by what Google says you can do and that is it.  You can be creative, but only within their limits.  There are a set number of things required based on good ole Google to get you ranked properly.

Be sure you are getting marketing strategies that are relevant to YOUR business, not just ANY business.  (Businesses are a lot like people…They might look similar on the outside but they function differently on the inside)

Review Reevaluate Reengineer
There should be regular intervals to meet with your Fort Collins SEO / online marketing company and evaluate the progress of your online marketing campaign.  We do a comprehensive analysis of progress every 90 days, but we also tweak as needed before then.  By doing regular reviews of the current marketing progress, you’re able to adjust/reengineer marketing efforts to adapt to the ever changing online marketing machine.

Final Words
It all comes down to a relationships.  If you’re going to get married, you don’t just pick the first person that looks good, you pick someone that looks good and, is actually great!

Pick your marketing company the same way.  You’re going to be in a long term relationship with any good Fort Collins SEO / online marketing company so you better be sure they can give you what you need.

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