Webinar Marketing Offline


Marketing online products via webinar has been going on forever.  The new trend coming is marketing brick and mortar businesses via webinar. An offline product or service can be marketed (and sometimes even sold) via webinars too.

Webinars are much more personal than any other kind of advertising you can do in print, etc.  With the exception of face to face.

Webinars for offline business is almost like face to face.  It’s virtual face to face to face to face to facesssssss.  If you provided an educational based webinar teaching prospects about the benefits, pitfalls, etc, of a particular service, they would rememember you.  Then when you do offer your services they feel comfortable with you.

Also, if you teach them something super cool, they will probably tell their friends/business associates about it.  Or, it could come in conversation randomly….

“Hey Bob, do you know where I can find a really good phrenologist?”

“Well as a matter a fact I do Mary, I was on one of those interweb online dealy things where I heard a voice coming from my computer and things magically moved around and the voice gave me a lot of amazing information”.  <bob vomiting great content on Mary>

See?  Adds a whole new aspect to “Word of Mouth Marketing”.