Your Business May Be Fighting a Losing Battle with SEO


Are you doing SEO for your “pretty” website?  If so, you must read this now!

“Pretty” websites are completely worthless 99.7% of the time.  Why?  Because the “visitor” is doing just that… Visiting.  People have a very short attention span that’s getting smaller every day.  If you don’t catch their attention within the first 7 seconds, you’ve probably lost them.  They’ll go back to Google and click on the next result from their search.  

If you want new business from the internet, then you need a direct response website.  You must give visitors direction when they come to your website and tell them what to do.  Using “Call Now”, “Sign Up”, etc, are good places to start, but that’s still not enough.  You need to engage the visitor.  So, what is the best way to do that?


You can also engage visitors with images and text, but video works much better. So many companies have “pretty” brochure style websites that do not convert visitors into leads.  When we first started, we would get clients top rankings in Google and drive tons of traffic to their website but they would barely get any new calls/clients.  Then they would think SEO didn’t work.  Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but SEO is the number one best solution for increasing your businesses online presence and finding new clients.  If you’re getting tons of traffic to your website and you aren’t getting new business, then there is a problem with your website, not with the SEO.

Think about it like this… Have you ever gone to a store looking for something and you needed help to find it?  But when you got there, you couldn’t find anyone to help you and you couldn’t find the thing you were looking for?  I’ve been in that situation before and it’s very frustrating.  Many times I just leave without buying anything because there was no one to help and I get tired of looking around.

That’s how it is on the Internet, except the majority of people will not “look around” your site if you don’t grab their attention immediately.  This is where marketing comes into play.  You must know your target market and what they want so when they visit your page, they get exactly what they need.  

Two crucial items for your website…

Site design/layout:  There are extensive studies showing how site layout and design can affect your site usage based on “eye tracking”.  If you’re interested, check out these articles from Eyetools.

The message in your video:  Too many businesses put up generic videos about their business online.  They are “general info” videos, which are important in some aspects, but that is not going to grab anyone’s attention.  Most of these videos either don’t get watched at all or they get paused immediately because they offer nothing of value.

So basically it comes down to this… SEO is a must for every business!  However, if you’re driving traffic to a website that does not help the visitor and tell them specifically what to do, then you’re SEO efforts are not going to return the results you are looking for.

Remember, SEO works period, and is the best long-term solution for any business (but you must market your company’s message properly).  

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  • Gary Johnson

    Excellent post a website is the most powerful marketing tool in a businesses arsenal, yet so many of small businesses owners are only concerned with how it looks! I always ask my clients if they would rather have a “pretty do nothing website” or a “Powerful Revenue Generating Online Presence”? Great post — Gary Johnson

    • SDSLLC

      Thanks Gary! Yeah, it’s amazing to us that business owners sometimes completely forget about the “marketing” and “strategy”.

      Great line… “Powerful Revenue Generating Online Presence”

      P.S. Finally showing ‘author’ now so people aren’t confused as to who is writing what. haha 😉